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Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Qaseh Alam is a online blogshop that offers the convenience and comfort of online shopping especially for ladies. We offer environmental friendly products such as menstrual cloth pad and herbal bath for mommies and preloved baby carrier anda other stuff. Should you have any questions on our products, feel free to contact us at af_arlind@yahoo.com, we are here to attending your enquiries. Thanks for visiting our blog!
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Bonda kepada 3 orang putera dan seorang puteri. Full time working mom. The emcee and ghost writer. Breastfeeding, part time cloth diapering, babywearing and co-sleeping. Qaseh pada Alam, Qaseh pada Haiwan dan Qaseh pada Keamanan apalagi sesama manusia.. jom mendaftar sebagai Penderma Organ :)

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