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Friday, June 25, 2010

These pads have a certificate of non-flourescent and non-bleaching issued by KIATR (Korean Institute Apparel Testing and Research)
These pads consist of Super Soft Pure Cotton on top, 2 layers of 100% cotton absorbent material inside and a 100% printed cotton outer.
Easy to use Wrap Wings around panty gusset and fasten securely.
Super absorbent. These pads have 2 layers of cotton-material inside.
Leakproof - Dont't worry the pads also have water proof barrier (PUL) which prevent from leaking same as disposable pads.
Easy to care- just soak pads in cold water until residues dissappear and leave it with plenty of soap for 2-3 hours and wash it by hand or mashine.
Long lasting - The pads can last for 3-5 years!
Pre-wash the pads before using it for the first time.



Bamboo Night pad RM34.00

Soya Night pad RM34.00

Cotton Night Pad RM29.00

The night Myluvlypad (waterproof layer)is exactly as it says - perfect for night use. Designed to keep your clothes and bed exactly as it should be! Night Pads are longer and wider to provide more coverage while you are sleeping. They can also be used as a post-partum pad or for heavier flows during the day. For better absorption force bamboo n soya pads are recomended.
Width 19cm x Length 33cm
Available colours : Yellow Rose,Blue Rose,Red Rose, Pink Small Rose (Soya), Blue Small Rose (Bamboo)



Bamboo Heavy RM32.00

Soya Heavy RM32.00

Cotton Heavy RM25.00

The heavy Myluvlypad (waterproof layer) is designed for your heaviest days or times when you know there might be a while between changes (for example a long trip in the car). Also great for comfortable outdoor activity. For better absorption force, bamboo and soya pads are recomended.

Width 19cm x Length 29cm

Available Colours: Yellow Rose, Blue Rose, Red Rose,Pink Small Rose (Soya n cotton pads), Blue Small Rose (Bamboo n cotton pads), Brown Small Rose,Blue Small Rose



Regular Bamboo Pad RM30.00

Regular Soya pad RM30.00

Regular Cotton Pad RM22.00

The regular Myluvlypads (waterproof layer) are ideal for most people most of the time. As the name suggests, they are used for your regular flow when pads can be changed at regular intervals. For better absorption force soya and bamboo pads are recomonded.
Width 19cm x Length 25cm

Available colours : Yellow Rose, Blue Rose,Red Rose , Pink Small Roses (Soya), Blue Small Roses (Bamboo)




Mini / Light Myluvlypads are a little longer than the liners and contain a waterproof layer. They are useful for when your flow has slowed down and can also be used as an everyday pad.
Width 18.5cm x Length 21cm

Available colours : Yellow rose,Red Rose, Blue Rose



RM 18.00

The liner is perfect for those days at the very end of your periods or for everyday use to keep your pants the way they were when you bought them! There is no waterproof layer in this product.

Width 18.5cm x Length 18cm
Available colours : Yellow rose, Blue rose, Red Rose

Why Should I Use Cloth Pads?

Comfort – Cloth pads are comfortable to wear – no more "scrunching" when you walk or sweaty, moist areas!

Health – Reduce your exposure to hazardous chemicals (bleaches, formalhydes, dioxins) and fragrances. Disorders such as itchiness, rashes and thrush, whilst not cured by cloth pads, symptoms are substantially reduced. Cotton menstrual pad is good for menstrual pains, irritation and itching, as there is no FORMALDERHYDE, FLUORESCENT BLEACHING, GELATINE AND CHEMICALS in our pad which cause uterine disease like as 'a myoma of the uterus' and endometritis. The more you use the cloth pads, the more you feel it.

Environment - Based on the estimates used in price comparisons, a woman will use approximately 12,600 disposable menstrual products in her menstrual life. Each one of these pads contribute to the degradation of the planet, both through ingredients, the way in which it is made, and the way it is disposed.

Economical - Cloth pads last a long time (between 4 - 5 years or more depending on how you handle it). On average, women spend RM20 per month for disposable pads. That’s RM240.00 per year or RM1,200.00 every 5 years. You do the maths! Cloth pads can save you hundreds of ringgit – thousands over your menstrual years.


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