Clearance Sale Regular Cloth Pads

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Clearance Sale Regular Cloth Pads

1) Mama Patch Regular Cotton Flannel Cloth Pads


RM15.00/pc or Rm29 for every 2 pcs 
Only 1 left for each color/print
Features of Flannel Cloth Pads
  • Top layer is made of soft cotton flannel
  • Colorful *Water-resistant laminated bottom layer 
  • Inner core – Layers of flannel and heavy fleece 

2) Mama Patch Premium Cloth Pad

From Left: MP Teviron Regular CP and MP Premium CP

Fleece Cloth Pad Regular 9″: Rm25/pc. 
Only One left

  • Plush, stay-dry, squishy-soft Microchamois Fleece /Suede next to skin
  • Waterproof  Polyurethane laminate (PUL) bottom layer with Robert Kaufman / Micheal Miller designer prints from US
  • Inner core – layers of very absorbing microfiber
  • Locally sewn by work-at-home mums
  • Best for heavy days, and also post partum period
  • * microfleece is more stain-resistant than suede so washing is a bliss!

Skin Touching Surface: Baby Pink Fleece

3) Mama Patch Teviron Cloth (Anion) Pad

Regular 9” (Pink) RM55.00. Only 1 left

What is Teviron?

If you have known or read about the Teviron clothing product from Nefful, you will know its beneficial it is to our health. By wearing Teviron, great amount of negative ion (also known as Anion) is produce each time the Teviron fabric rubs against our body. 4 main benefits of wearing Teviron garment are:
  • Purifies the blood system , stimulating blood circulation
  • Increases cell metabolism , causing an increase in cell activity, promote self healing
  • Enhances the body's immune system so you won't get sick or catch cold easily
  • Regulates autonomic nerves , enhance your health so you are always in optimal health.
Teviron clothing is very common among those who have serious health problem like cancer, as the negative ion (also known as Anion) can regulate and renew our body cell. Of course, Teviron product (fully imported from Japan) is incredibly pricey too. I personally tried the clothing on my children, and is amazed to see how Teviron helps to improve my kids sinus problem immediately.

Benefits of Teviron Cloth Pad
  • regulate body functions for instant antibacterial capabilities
  • prevent bacterial multiplication,
  • eliminates odor
  • promotes comfort during menstrual period
  • Layered with waterproof PUL (except Teviron Panty Liner)
  • Best for heavy day use

4) Bisky Bosky Regular Pad (cotton flannel): 
RM15 per piece or RM29 for 2 pieces


4) Bisky Bosky Regular Pad (Batik): 
RM18 per piece or RM35 for 2 pieces

From Left: BBRBR dan BBRBB

5) Saffa Regular Reversible Cotton Flannel Pad

From Left: SRR, SRP, SRG

RM18 per piece or RM35 for 2 pieces. 
Only 3 pieces left

6) Saffa Fleece Regular  Pad
From Left: SFRO and SFRP

RM19 per piece or RM37 for 2 pieces. 
Only 3 pieces left


Anonymous at: September 30, 2012 at 6:05 PM said...

Mama Patch Regular Cotton Flannel Cloth Pads
yang ni ada stok lagi?

{ Arra Louis } at: June 16, 2013 at 7:52 PM said...

sume ni still available o x?

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